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Tech Services

$150/hour (1 hour minimum) - Unlike competitors who bill for individual tasks, we offer the convenience and flexibility of addressing all your technology-related issues at a flat rate. We work efficiently to make things easier for you, so have your list ready.

Cable/Phone Bill Savings

The rate for bill reduction services is 25% of your annual savings.  Note:  Home visits for consultations or equipment installation are considered tech services and will be priced accordingly.

Speaking Engagements

Pricing for speaking engagements vary and are based on factors like audience size, location, and duration. We understand that every event is unique, and we're committed to working with you to find a pricing solution that aligns with your budget.

Cable, Internet, & Phone Bill Savings

Stop overpaying for cable, internet, and mobile services! PepTech has helped consumers and businesses save thousands of dollars by assessing plans, exploring alternatives, and negotiating with service providers on their behalf.  Dealing with cable companies is frustrating, demanding both time and market expertise.   PepTech simplifies the process for you, insuring that you get the best rates possible.

We have saved our customers over $100,000 annually on their cable bills over the last 6 years.

"PepTech was able to reduce our cable & internet bills by $13,000 annually- savings that went straight to our bottom line. I highly recommend PepTech for businesses."
'~Loring De Martini, The Vans Restaurant
"Luceti's on 25th Avenue had PepTech increase our internet speed and our bill lowered!! We were so grateful for Amy Culpepper’s outstanding and professional customer service. This saved us the time and the hassle of having to call our provider."
~ Sandy Navarro & Susan Rodriquez, Luceti's on 25th Avenue
"We hadn't been getting the internet speed that we had been paying for. PepTech's expertise in dealing with these companies resulted in a speed increase, equipment upgrade, additional TV channels, and a lower bill."
~Jackie Fey, Olives Restaurant
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