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​PepTech, LLC was founded to help Bay Area residents with the challenges they experience with everyday technology.  We offer friendly, trustworthy expertise, and exceptional customer service with a patient, empathetic approach that is priced less than our competitors. From computer services, help with your devices, and home theater setup, to installing your wifi cameras and lowering your cable/internet costs, our objective is:



Amy Culpepper


Tel: 650-539-8726

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My passion for technology started at a very young age with my first Apple computer.  I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with electronics, configuring computers, TVs, and sound systems, as well as making technology work for people.  With a background in tech and over 25 years of experience, I decided to step out of the corporate world and focus on doing what I love, helping people in this fast-paced world of technology. I possess a unique skill set with technical knowledge that allows me to provide solutions to your tech issues and simplify your technology experience. I've worked with hundreds of Bay Area residents since my company's inception in 2018, specializing in help for seniors.  

PepTech, LLC is insured with general liability insurance.

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