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Cable, Internet, & Phone Bill Savings

Most people are overpaying for their cable, internet, and cell phone services.  We have saved consumers and businesses thousands of dollars by evaluating plans, providing options, and negotiating directly with providers on your behalf.  Regardless of what services you have, you are likely paying too much.  Dealing with cable companies is a hassle and requires time, patience, and market knowledge.  With years of experience negotiating with these companies, PepTech will do it all for you.  There's no fee unless we save you money then we charge 25% of your annual savings with a no risk guarantee.
Let us save you money!
"PepTech was able to reduce our cable & internet bills by $13,000 annually- savings that went straight to our bottom line. I highly recommend PepTech for businesses."
'~Loring De Martini, The Vans Restaurant
"Luceti's on 25th Avenue had PepTech increase our internet speed and our bill lowered!! We were so grateful for Amy Culpepper’s outstanding and professional customer service. This saved us the time and the hassle of having to call our provider."
~ Sandy Navarro & Susan Rodriquez, Luceti's on 25th Avenue
"We hadn't been getting the internet speed that we had been paying for. PepTech's expertise in dealing with these companies resulted in a speed increase, equipment upgrade, additional TV channels, and a lower bill." ~Jackie Fey, Olives Restaurant


$1852.32 annual savings
By canceling Comcast, using a cost effective internet provider, and signing up with a streaming media service (no contract!), this customer is saving HUGE with more channels and faster internet speeds. 
$883.80 annual savings
This customer had been paying this outrageous amount for years.  Peptech negotiated the price down, doubled the customer's speed, and had an installer come out to upgrade the equipment free of charge saving them $73.65 per month.
$1462.2 annual savings
With slow, intermittent connectivity, this customer had an astronomical bill of $306.89 monthly.  Peptech negotiated the price down, upgraded the equipment, and had the provider backdate the bill with the new plan so the customer was credited a full billing cycle.  Consequently, the first bill with the changes was $4.47 and the customer is now saving $121.85 per month.

We Have Saved Our Customers over $96,000 annually on their cable bills over the last 6 years

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